Cruising Area

Sailing through the fantastic Lycian coast

Lots of sun, warm turquoise water, a nice breeze and many quiet small bays and inlets, with the pine forests reaching down to the sea, are the main "ingredients" of a cruise along the Lycian coast. There is a great choice of itineraries along this beautiful coast, still one of the last unspoiled shores of the Mediterranean. Our home base is Gocek, situated in the far north-west corner of the Bay of Fethiye. Over the past years Gocek has developed into a well-known, lively town which attracts yachtsmen from all over the world. It became one of the most popular charter bases along the Turkish coast and provides a variety of facilities like souvenir shops, markets, restaurants, hotels and pensions and all these within a short walk. One of the big advantages is that it is only a half hour drive away from Dalaman International Airport, in short: an ideal starting point for your sailing holidays.
Turkish Meteorology
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 May 10 
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 September 10 
Air and water temperature during the season
Budget Sailing Turkey

Our home base Göcek & surroundings

Leaving Gocek you enter an unique archipelago of various islands, small bays and inlets with the pine forests reaching down to the sea.

Also historically the area is of great interest. The whole region once belonged to the Lycian Civilization (around 700 B.C. – 500 A.D.) and you can visit the well-known kings' tombs in "Tomb Bay", the ruins of the ancient city of Lydea, just a short walk up from the Bay of Kizilkuyruk.

From later periods there are several remains from Roman and Byzantium times such as Cleopatra Bay where you find the ruins of a Byzantium Monastery and of where it is said that Cleopatra herself "used to have her bath"!

If you leave the archipelago of Fethiye Bay you can sail out on the open sea in eastern direction to Kalkan, Kas, the island of Kastelorizon and Kekova or in a western direction to Ekincik, Marmaris or even cross over to the island of Rhodes.

Sailing in the area

The area offers no particular difficulties for relaxed sailing. There are no tides, no currents and no high waves.
During the summer months the "meltem" is blowing (starting from June and dying off in October), though not as strongly as around the Aegean islands.
This provides the sailor with a steady and regular afternoon wind around 4/5 Beaufort.
The water temperature is all summer long perfect for swimming, snorkling and diving and never gets below 19 degrees C!